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Designers Choice was founded in 2006 as a small wholesaler specializing in the décor and gift trade. 

In the past 12 years our vision and style has transformed 
into one that our clients love and crave.

Thanks to the exposure we have gained with the annual SARCDA shows, our once small company has burst at the seams. By 2011 we hardly had room to move. So… WE MOVED – to our own warehouse that is bigger and better than anything we had in the past. Our national representatives have also profited from the expansion and love that we have more to supply them with.

As you know we had to “GET WITH THE TIMES” so we went online. Our fantastic catalogue was transformed into an online store for the convenience of our clients. Now they (you) can shop anytime, anywhere.

Designers Choice is an ever expanding business, reaching for new heights with each new collection.

Join in our journey.